Pinterest IRL: Slow Cooker Lasagna

Happy Friday Eve my friends!  The week has flown by and I’m looking forward to a fun-filled weekend that lies ahead-bridesmaid dress shopping, birthdays and baby showers, oh my!

This week has been a very brisk one in Milwaukee.  A high of mid-40’s just came out of nowhere!  Dinners this week have consisted of soup and slow cooker meals.  When I was planning our meals on Sunday, I resorted to my Pinterest boards for some inspiration and decided to try out slow cooker lasagna.  It looked amazing and there wasn’t much prep work involved. WIN!

Slow Cooker Lasagna

The whole preparation took a total of about 15 minutes and it made plenty so that we were able to eat some for leftovers.  Overall, I thought the recipe was very good.  I will definitely be making it again, but I think the next time around I would add more sauce.  I like saucy lasagna and I didn’t feel like this had a lot BUT I do have a bigger slow cooker than what I think the normal recipe is for.


It looks like a ton of cheese on top only because I forgot to save some meat sauce for the top layer..Oops!  Hence why I needed more sauce 🙂  Definitely not dairy free, so if anyone has a good dairy free lasagna recipe they’d like to share with me, I would greatly appreciate it!

So, I read some very exciting news tonight via Facebook!  If you’ve been reading my blog for awhile, you know by now that barre-style workouts are my favorite toning and strengthening workout.  Well…Milwaukee is FINALLY getting a barre studio!!!!!! I feel like a little kid at Christmas 🙂 Barre Bee Fit will be opening some time soon in the Third Ward and I cannot wait.  While, I’ve never tried this particular studio (they did have one in Chicago, but I had a membership at the Bar Method), I urge everyone in the Milwaukee area to try it out! I’ve tried a few other barre classes and it really is an awesome workout.

I’m off to catch up with some other blogs, have a great weekend!


Pinterest IRL: DIY Scrapbook Coasters

I’m not really sure how I discovered Pinterest, but since its infancy, when you needed to be invited to participate, I have accrued 44 boards and 990 pins.  Some of the pins are my own from this blog, but the majority of them are recipes, home decorating ideas, and DIY projects from other websites.

Since being temporarily unemployed until further notice, I’m trying to use this time to be productive around the house, spend time with my family and sort through all of my Pinterest boards.  So far this week, I have a PInterest DIY project and recipe to share.  I’ve learned through experience that sometimes Pinterest projects/recipes turn out awesome and other times, not so much.  So I’m here to share with you Pinterest in Real Life.  Tried and true Pinterest projects that have been a WIN for me.

My most recent Pinterest project is DIY scrapbook paper coasters.  I had a lot of scrapbook paper leftover from Madelyn’s birthday party that I wasn’t sure about what to do with.  So, when I came across this pin, I was very excited because now I had a use for that leftover scrapbook paper AND I really needed coasters.  I was getting really tired of watching people leave their condensing cups all over our hardwood ledge but yet not giving them another alternative.  It was driving me nuts!  So on one crazy Saturday night, I created our scrapbook paper coasters.


I bought individual tile squares from Home Depot.  I took the leftover scrapbook paper and traced over the outline of the tile in pencil and cut it.  Then, I layered on the scrapbook paper to the tile with ModgePodge.  After I let the tiles dry for 1 day, I sprayed them each with clear finish, outside and them dry for a few hours.  After that I went to Target and bought felt circles to put on the bottom so that they wouldn’t scratch the surface that they were on.  And Voila! Unique scrapbook paper coasters.

I love them because they are unique, cheap and they function just perfectly.  And this project allowed me to use the scrapbook paper to its full potential.  I call that a WIN.  If you have any questions about the scrapbook paper coasters, just e-mail me.  But so far they are holding up just great!


What has been your experience with Pins on Pinterest? Tell me about your most successful PIN so far!