The Family that plays Together

Happy Packer Day! Madelyn clearly knows what’s up. 


I hope everyone’s week is going well. One day closer to the weekend and to my little cousin’s wedding! I’m thrilled to watch her get married, and I can still remember when she was born…how’s that for feeling old?! 

Al & her fiance at our wedding

We definitely started our week off with a bang. On Monday, Madelyn spent some quality time with her great grandparents and my mom, while hubs and I hopped on the Amtrak and ventured down to Chicago for the Cubs vs. Brewers game. I can’t remember the last time I was at Wrigley Field for a game, but it felt good to be back in familiar territory 🙂 

belmont stop

When we got into the city, we ventured into Old Town and visited the Fleet Feet there. Of all the stores to visit in Chicago…clearly I have a problem. I think I love this store so much because it’s my first experience with running stores. I remember calling my mom after my first visit there and saying, “They just have so much stuff for running!” I also participated in a few of their fun runs during my Chicago days. As we left Fleet Feet, it started to pour. We didn’t really have an agenda until the game, so we kind of ducked out from the rain and then decided to head toward Wrigley.


We ate at Mo’s Cantina before heading to the game. The day turned out to be perfect. Great weather and an awesome date, what more could a girl ask for? 


After the game we met up with Kristine for a few drinks and before we knew it, it was time to catch the late train back to Milwaukee. But not before stopping for some Lou’s. Of all the Chicago style pizza the city has to offer, Lou Malnati’s is my absolute favorite. That crust tho! Unbelievably delicious. Hubs ordered our pizza to go because he didn’t think we’d have enough time to eat there. His plan was just to have us eat it at on the train. I had a better idea. Instead, we sat in the park near our old apartment, shared some pizza and talked about the old times. This is the same park where we took Oliver on his first walk and where we had our engagement pictures taken. By far my favorite place in Chicago.  

IMG_00671Today, I met my mom for lunch at Sven’s Cafe. I haven’t been here in a while, but I stuck with my usual. Mixed greens salad with goat cheese, chicken, walnuts, grapes and balsamic. It never fails me. I also had an Italian soda with pumpkin. It was good, but just a tad bit too sweet for me. My mom had the coconut Italian soda and that tasted much better.  


I also decided that today would be my last day of work for the week. I have so much to get done before this weekend and I want to spend some time with Madelyn before she heads down to Chicago (for the first time ever without us!!!!) to spend time with her grandparents for the weekend. I know she will have a blast, it’s me that I’m concerned about 😉 

Tonight, I was really feeling a bike ride. The last two runs (the only runs this week!) I’ve had have not been the greatest. My legs have felt heavy and I’m left feeling defeated. I don’t know if it was the humidity or the fact that I ate like crap this weekend (or both) but I haven’t been on my A game. So I decided it would be best to give my leggies a little break and head out for a bike ride with my entourage in tow. 

IMG_00811It felt really good to work my legs but in a different way. We rode up to Leff’s Luckytown for some food before the Packer game, and then rode our bikes back. The best way to consume “not so healthy” food. I told hubs it felt great to work off the food we just ate as opposed to just sitting there and letting it sit in our stomachs.

Tomorrow, I have a barre class on the workout schedule and then taking the day to chase Madelyn around while trying to smuggle her with hugs & kisses. it’s funny, I’ve spent a whole month away from her so you’d think a weekend would be no problem, but it never gets easier. 

What’s on your workout agenda for the weekend? Any other fun plans? I’m also headed to a marathon Q & A session at PRO this weekend! I’m thrilled for that! 


Look Who’s Two!

On Sunday we celebrated Madelyn’s 2nd Birthday.  I can’t believe how quickly these past two years have gone by.  It makes me kind of sad that she is no longer the small, squishy, cuddly baby we brought home from the hospital. 
IMG_1049Although I miss the days of just rocking with her pressed up against my chest, it brings me joy to watch her grow, learn and explore the world around her.

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Greetings from Around the World

The past week has been a whirlwind.  I left my child for an extended period of time for the first time, I’ve been battling some serious jet-lag and I’m fighting a cold…all while trying to stay positive and upbeat.  As much as I’m truly enjoying myself, I can’t help but want to pull the covers over my head, go to sleep, wake up and have it be time to go home.  Here’s to hoping the next few weeks just fly right on by!

Leaving Madelyn, has by far been the hardest thing (emotionally) that I’ve ever done.  I cried the night before I left and I cried when I handed her over to my mom.  I know that she is being well taken care of, she’s just been such a big part of my life for over a year (if you count the time being pregnant) it’s hard to remember what life was like before.


Instead of wallowing in my tears and being a Debbie Downer on this TDY, I’m taking this opportunity to focus on myself and do things that I couldn’t normally do at home.  Things like lay out in the sun and read a magazine (without the baby monitor right next to me), take extra long showers, spend hours at the gym, bust out my amazing “flip cup” skills from my college days, and NAPS!  I took one today and it was AMAZEFEST.

Hubs has been sending me videos every day of my sweet baby girl.  Those definitely help.  And FaceTime has been about an every day thing.  We’ve been able to talk to each other pretty much every day either through text or FaceTime. Today was the first time I was able to FaceTime home during Madelyn’s play time.  I saw her CRAWL for the very first time!!!  She got so excited when she saw my face on the screen and gave me a smile that I’ve never seen before.


It’s nice to know that she hasn’t forgotten who her Mama is!

The location of this TDY couldn’t get any better, so I have that going for me.  That and the fact that my sister is here with me doing the military thing with me.  I’ll post some pictures on here when I get a chance.

My goal while I’m here is to focus on building my run miles, getting myself in good shape and gearing up for Marathon training-set to begin in June.  I hear Wisconsin’s been enjoying some summer-like temps the past few days.  Can’t wait to get back home to my family and to my garden!  Happy May!